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Are there countries you can travel to without Covid-19 border requirements? Travel is confusing right now with vaccination requirements, Covid-19 testing protocols, and quarantines. The good news is there are 3 tropical countries you can travel to right now that are fully open to tourists without any testing, quarantine, or Covid-19 vaccine needed.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is fully open to tourists without any tests, quarantine, or Covid-19 vaccine. Travelers are not required to provide pre-departure testing to enter the Dominican Republic. Still, airlines may require proof of a negative Covid-19 test for boarding. Currently, face masks are required in public spaces and on public transportation. Restaurants are open, with seating limited, and bars and nightclubs remain closed. There is a curfew in place for movement throughout the country.


Mexico is currently open to tourists without any tests, vaccines or quarantine required. There are a higher number of Covid-19 cases in Mexico, and it is on the red list for some countries like the U.K., so returning home may require a quarantine after visiting. There is a curfew in certain areas, and masks are required indoors.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is currently open to tourists without any tests, quarantine or vaccine required to enter. The only requirement is for all visitors to have travel insurance to cover the costs of COVID-19 related medical care and quarantine if they contract the disease while visiting Costa Rica.
Entry requirements for countries around the world are changing rapidly and every day. It is best to consult with your travel advisor, airline, and government website for the country you are thinking of traveling to.

A great resource is, where information can be found on the status of borders and traveling in most countries around the world.

Note: Information is current at time of publishing (August 2021) and is subject to change.