what to pack for vacation
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Wondering what to pack for vacation? Don’t forget about medication!

It always surprises me when I travel with other people such as family members or friends and they don’t have basic medications with them. I wonder…how the heck could they not be prepared for the worst-case scenario? I suppose it seems a bit OCD on my part, but I really think it’s important to always have few medications in case illness strikes when on vacation! You just never know how hard it will be to find even the basics such as a painkiller!

Here are 5 medications to pack for your trip.

 1.     Pain and fever relief medication.

Bring what works best for you, and your favourite brand(s). Whether it’s Ibuprofen (such as Advil) or Acetaminophen (such as Tylenol). Better yet, pack both. In some cases, you can alternate both types of medications. Be sure to talk to a doctor or pharmacist first.

 2.     Anti-diarrhea medication (ie. Imodium)

Foreign foods and travellers diarrhea can strike at any time! You’ll be happy you packed an anti-diarrhea medication so you can get off the toilet and still enjoy your vacation!

3.     Stomach remedy such as Pepto Bismol tablets

New foods and the general stress of travelling can cause nausea, indigestion or stomach troubles. Having a stomach remedy will provide you some much needed relief.

4.     Motion sickness relief (ie. Gravol)

Part of the fun of your journey includes planes, trains, boats and car rides, but they can bring on motion sickness. If you’re prone to motion sickness or unsure about a particular long ride ahead, motion sickness relief medication will help and there are many options to choose from.

5.     Antihistamine medication and/or creams for bites, stings or allergies

Foreign insects or even certain types of foods or spices can cause inflammation. Having an antihistamine handy will give you some relief.

 A Travel Medical Kit is a Great Idea Too!

Better yet, beyond these 5 must-have medications when you travel, packing a handy travel medical kit is a great idea! You can throw in other items like band-aids, eye drops, insect repellent and so on. Yes, it will take up a bit of space in your suitcase and you may not have to use it, but you will be thankful you have it when illness or injury strikes on vacation.