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what not to pack for kauai
Packing Lists

What NOT to pack for Kauai.

Planning a trip to Kauai? Here is a list of things not to pack for Kauai. Also known as the Garden Island, Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. It is also one of the most casual and laid-back. Your Hawaiian attire will be the same! Remember to pack light and leave these items at home.

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preparing for travel emergencies
Travel Tips

Scary travel experiences (and how to be prepared)

Travel is fun, but scary situations can happen. Traveling is exciting!  I would guess that 99% of the time, a trip will go as planned and, even if it doesn’t go perfectly, the experience will still be wonderful and fulfilling. However, some stressful things can happen while traveling such as…

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Destination Reviews, Travel Tips

Insider Tips for Calaway Park

Every summer, we visit Calaway Park in Calgary. We’ve been taking the kids since they were two-years-old – it quickly became a tradition when we realized just how awesome this amusement park is for everyone from young to old. Where is Calaway Park? Calaway Park is Western Canada’s largest amusement park…

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Why You Should Travel

Just Book the Trip! 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Now.

Why should you travel? Do you wonder why your neighbors seem to be jaunting off on an exotic holiday a few times a year? Or what makes your friend leave almost every weekend on another road trip? Seeing everyone’s travel adventure pics pop-up on your newsfeed or overhearing people talking…

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Fairmont hot springs
Destination Reviews, Travel Tips

Discover Fairmont Hot Springs

The Rocky Mountains bordering British Columbia and Alberta are famous for destinations like Jasper, Lake Louise, Canmore and Banff, but have you been to Fairmont Hot Springs yet? When I think of taking a trip to the mountains, the first places that pop into my mind are Jasper and Banff…

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