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3 Tropical Countries you can travel to right now without Covid-19 border requirements.

Are there countries you can travel to without Covid-19 border requirements? Travel is confusing right now with vaccination requirements, Covid-19 testing protocols, and quarantines. The good news is there are 3 tropical countries you can travel to right now that are fully open to tourists without any testing, quarantine, or Covid-19 vaccine needed. Dominican Republic The Dominican Republic is fully open to tourists without any tests, quarantine, or Covid-19 vaccine. Travelers are not required to…

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why use a travel agent
Travel Tips

Why Use a Travel Agent?

You can support local business by choosing a travel agent instead of booking online. The digital revolution has seen travellers become pros at booking vacations online. There is no denying there are scores of travel deals and discounts to be found on the internet. Who doesn’t love the adrenaline rush when you click ‘book’ and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a flight or vacation?  The thing is, researching a vacation and finding…

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cancel travel plans
Travel Tips

What to do While You Can’t Travel Due to Covid-19

Did you have to cancel travel plans due to Covid-19? You are not alone! Millions of people around the world have canceled their travel plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In hopes of slowing the virus transmittal across borders, not traveling is a necessary precaution. For many of us, travel means freedom, exploration, education, social connection, and healthful living. Putting these personal pursuits on hold is jarring, but a mild sacrifice compared to what some…

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travel anxiety and how to beat airport stress
Travel Tips

Travel Anxiety: 5 Ways to Beat Airport Stress

If you have travel anxiety, the airport can be the most stressful and frustrating part of the journey. Pre-travel anxiety can start in the airport and it is important to reduce stress. Here are a few ways to combat travel anxiety and beat airport stress while waiting for your flight.

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what not to pack for kauai
Packing Lists

What NOT to pack for Kauai.

Planning a trip to Kauai? Here is a list of things not to pack for Kauai. Also known as the Garden Island, Kauai is the oldest of the Hawaiian islands. It is also one of the most casual and laid-back. Your Hawaiian attire will be the same! Remember to pack light and leave these items at home.

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traveling with friends
Travel Tips

Traveling with Friends? Avoid These Mistakes.

Planning a trip with friends? Traveling with friends can be an amazing experience with memories for a lifetime. But how do you travel with friends without jeopardizing the friendship? Friendship breakups often happen after traveling, so if you’re planning on taking a vacation with friends, it is important to plan ahead, be open minded, communicate and choose the right people to travel with in the first place!

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beach vacation ideas
Destination Tips & Reviews

5 beach vacation destinations that are not in Mexico.

5 beach vacation destinations that are beyond the usual spots! Canadians love taking a tropical beach vacation to get a break from the cold weather. We live for finding great deals like discounted airfare, seat sales, or a cheap all-inclusive resort deals. It seems, though, that we are faced with the same usual tropical vacation spots that are reasonably priced like Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic and sometimes even Hawaii. Especially from Western Canada, these hot…

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caribbean islands
Travel Tips

5 Caribbean Island Vacations to Put on Your Bucket List.

Canadians spend much of our time wondering where to go in the Caribbean to escape the dreadful six (or seven…or eight) months of winter, am I right? Most importantly, we live to find the best vacation deals, whether it’s discounted airfare or a cheap all-inclusive resort deal. Eavesdrop on any water cooler discussion and folks are talking about a great deal they found on their airfare or all-inclusive trip.  Where to go in the Caribbean?…

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