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What is the best age to travel with baby?

Is traveling with a baby hard? If you’re a new parent, thinking about traveling with a newborn or infant is probably the furthest thing from your mind. Many new parents assume their days of travel will be put on hold when the baby arrives. Obviously, there are many reasons for this, with the major ones being the amount of care and attention a baby needs! Any parent can attest that the sleepless nights, endless diapers…

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Disney Magic Kingdom
Destination Tips & Reviews

Things to Know Before Visiting Disney World or Disneyland Parks

Contributed by Shauna H. We have been lucky to go on several trips to Disney since our kids were preschoolers. We had a great time with our kids at every age. How we experienced Disney changed with their ages, but it has always been positive. Here are some things to know before visiting Disney theme parks. What is the best age to take kids to Disney? I would say between three and nine years old…

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