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5 Caribbean Island Vacations to Put on Your Bucket List.

Canadians spend much of our time wondering where to go in the Caribbean to escape the dreadful six (or seven…or eight) months of winter, am I right? Most importantly, we live to find the best vacation deals, whether it’s discounted airfare or a cheap all-inclusive resort deal. Eavesdrop on any…

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Why You Should Travel

Just Book the Trip! 5 Reasons Why You Should Travel Now.

Why should you travel? Do you wonder why your neighbors seem to be jaunting off on an exotic holiday a few times a year? Or what makes your friend leave almost every weekend on another road trip? Seeing everyone’s travel adventure pics pop-up on your newsfeed or overhearing people talking…

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12 Reasons to Visit Greece

Planning a trip to Greece. Here are 12 reasons to visit Greece. From Greek food to beautiful landscapes and architecture, exploring Greece should be on everyone’s travel list!

Planning a trip to Greece? Here are 12 reasons you should travel to Greece.

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