Flying with Baby
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Airplane travel with a baby can be an anxiety-inducing adventure! Especially when you’re flying with a newborn or if your baby is under two years old and riding in your lap, you may be worrying about how you (and baby) will get through the flight.

I traveled quite a bit with both of my children when they were babies and had to take many flights. I decided to compile this list of ideas that I used keep my babies busy on the plane. This list is geared toward babies aged about 8-18 months.

What to bring when you are flying with a baby.

  • Lots of favorite snacks to munch on – also new snacks to try out will create a lot of excitement and wonder as well!

  • Colored sticky notes to pull apart and stick around is always entertaining!

  • New board books or tiny board books for small hands.

  • Magnet books for kids. Magnet books are fun and easy to use and reuse.

  • Aquadoodle is always a hit with older babies and toddlers and fairly light to travel with.

  • Wrap up little trinkets from the dollar store to let them unwrap on the plane. You’ll have to bring the wrapping paper and tape so you can do your wrapping after going through security.

  • New small toys. Anything with new texture or interesting gadgets they can handle and play with will keep them busy.

  • Stand up and let your little one enjoy roaming around in your seat (if it’s safe of course!) Gives them more freedom than being confined to your lap.

  • Walk the aisles periodically to let them explore and stretch. There always seems to be a few friendly people on the plane who will engage with your baby for even a minute or two; this helps pass the time!

  • If all else fails, load some baby-friendly apps on your tablet or smartphone to keep them occupied or distracted.

Hopefully, your baby will nap during flight as well. It’s always great to plan around sleep schedule or nap times, but that’s not always possible. This list should help get you through those waking hours during the flight!

Do you fly with your baby?

Do you have anything great ideas to add to this list? I’d love to hear your ideas, please comment below!

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