Why You Should Travel
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Why should you travel?

Do you wonder why your neighbors seem to be jaunting off on an exotic holiday a few times a year? Or what makes your friend leave almost every weekend on another road trip? Seeing everyone’s travel adventure pics pop-up on your newsfeed or overhearing people talking about their upcoming vacations may pique your curiosity on why many folks seem to prioritize traveling in their spare time. There is no one clear answer to that, and the reasons that people travel are vast and personal.

There are many personal rewards associated with traveling, but it can also be a bit intimidating. Perhaps you are worried if you can afford it, or maybe you’re scared about not having the comforts of home. Having small children or a demanding job may also hold you back. If you are thinking about traveling but haven’t quite taken the leap, here are some reasons you should just book the trip!

5 Reasons to Travel

  1. The memories you make when taking a vacation are ones you will have for life.
    There are 52 weeks in a year and when you think back to what you’ve done for the majority of them, you’ll likely not remember. You will, however, easily recall that week (or few) that you spent traveling!
  2. Traveling is one of the most educational experiences you will have.
    Seeing the world beyond the borders of your town, city or country will give you an education that is impossible to get in school. If you have children, travel will teach them things that they will not learn from textbooks or the internet.
  3. Travel makes you a more well-rounded human.
    It will open your eyes to the infinite diversity in human nature and the earth. It will make you appreciate just how small we are in the scope of the world.
  4. Traveling feeds into your personal growth and is good for your mental health.
    When you leave the comforts of your home, you are faced with experiences, opportunities and challenges that will grow you as a person and make you more resilient.
  5. Seeing the world around you is so much fun!
    Whether you are camping in the woods, hiking a mountain trail, relaxing at an all-inclusive or jetting off to an exotic country, fun can be found in every destination. And let’s face it, we humans are hard-wired for fun, excitement and the happiness that comes with it!

Finally, when you travel you will appreciate your home! No matter where I go in the world, nothing feels better than when the wheels touch down on my hometown runway. When my head hits my pillow I go to sleep knowing more about myself and the world around me.

Booking a trip doesn’t mean you have to do something elaborate or expensive. Or maybe it does! Everyone is different and whatever route you choose, know that you’ll be enriched for life!

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